Ridgeview- MacBook and TV Set Up

Tutorial Audience: Ridgeview Elementary

Hooking up MacBook to TV – Mirroring

  1. Plug in the long, rolled up, black HDMI cord to your t.v. Some of you may need to put it into the HDMI 1, HDMI 2 or the HDMI side ports. These may be behind your tv on the lower left hand side, or possibly on the side of your tv, depending on your t.v.
  2. Connect (plug in) the white adaptor to the end of the HDMI cable.
  3. Plug in the end of the adaptor to your MacBook to the small port on the left side of your Mac. It is the 4th port from the top and it kind of has a lightning bolt icon next to it.
  4. Once you have everything connected and plugged in TIGHTLY, open up the “System Preferences” icon on dock on your Mac.
  5. Under System Preferences, click on “Display”, click on “Arrangement” and check the small box which says “Mirror Display”. This will allow your t.v. to mirror (or show exactly) what is on your computer screen. ***ADVANCED ***If you want to work on your computer while your kids are watching something, then do NOT click on the “Mirror Display” and simply drag the widow that you want your kids to watch over to the right until you see it disappear from your computer screen and appear on your t.v. screen.
  6. Under System Preferences, click on “Sound”, click on “Output”, click on the second option (under Internal Speakers). It should say E——- something depending on your t.v. name. This will allow sound to come out of your t.v. speakers and not just your computer speakers.

Lastly, make sure your t.v. input is on whichever HDMI “station” that you have your HDMI cord hooked up to.


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