Skyview – Printing From Your MacBook to Toshiba Copiers

Tutorial Audience: Skyview

To print to the Toshiba Copiers in the staff workroom, you need install special software from Toshiba BEFORE adding the printer.

**If you have already added the Toshiba Copier without installing this software, remove the printer and start over**

Part One: Download and Install Toshiba Drivers

  • Go to the Toshiba Support Website
  • In the search box, type: e-studio600
  • Select BOTH of the following:
    • Macintosh OSX Driver 10.4 thru 10.6, and
    • Macintosh OSX Driver 10.4 thru 10.6 Additional Features
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, enter the image code in the box and click “Download Selected Items”
  • Go to your Downloads folder and open up the file named “TOSHIBA_eS850_853Series.dmg”
  • Follow the installation steps and enter your MacBook password when prompted

  • Now install the other file named “TOSHIBA_eS-Ex_Features.dmg”

Part Two: Install the Printer

1. Open System Preferences using the gear icon on the dock.

2. Click “Print & Scan” from the “Hardware” section.

3. To add a printer, click the plus sign (+).

4. Click “IP” from the top menu.

5. Enter the IP address for the Toshiba Copier.  For SVM-4441000, enter “” and for SVM-4450546, enter “”. Make sure “Protocol” is set to “Line Printer Daemon – LPD”.

6. Click “Add” and follow any additional prompts or messages.

Part Three: Set Your Department/Copy Code

You need to enter your department printing code, otherwise the copiers will reject print jobs. The code needs to be entered when you are ready to print, not when you install the printer.

  • In any application, click “File”…“Print” to open a print dialog. Choose the Toshiba copier
  • In the middle drop-down menu choose “Print Mode”

  • Set the Department Code to “Enabled” and enter your department code in the box to the right. To avoid printing blank pages, set “Do not Print Blank Pages – Enabled”.
  • To permanently save your Department Code, you must save this as a “Preset”. In the “Presets” popup menu, choose ‘Save As…”, and save it. As long as you save as a preset, you should not have to enter your department code each time you print.

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