Connecting to Network/Shared Drives on Your MacBook

Tutorial Audience: All POWER Zone Schools

Follow these steps to connect to network and shared drives (H:drive, S:drive, etc.) on your MacBook Pro.

1. In Finder, click “Go” and “Connect to Server”.

2a. To access your personal drive (H:drive) – In the “Server Address” box, type “cifs://d49.local/files/staff/username” where “username” is your D49 username. Click “Connect”.

2b. To access your school’s shared drive (S:drive, etc.) – In the “Server Address” box, type “cifs://d49.local/files/staff/shared-SMS” (obviously, you’ll change “shared-SMS” to the school server you’re trying to connect to). Click “Connect”.

3. Enter your D49 username and password when prompted.  Check “Remember this password in my keychain” to store your login information for later. Click “Connect”.

4. Your drive will show up on your desktop and in Finder.  The icon will look like this:

5. You will have to follow this process every time you want to connect to your drive.  It will disappear when you shut down.  To save your drives click the small plus sign (+) next to Server Address to add it to your favorite servers list.


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