Setting Up Display Mirroring On Your MacBook

Tutorial Audience: All PowerZone Schools

When connecting your MacBook to a projector, SmartBoard or LCD TV, you may experience an issue where only the “solar system” background is being projected.  If this is happening, you have the extended desktop feature turned on.

Help! My projector only shows a space image!

Turning On Display Mirroring

1. In System Preferences, click on Display

2. Click on the Arrangement tab. (This tab will ONLY appear when you are connected to a projector or TV.)

3. Check “Mirror Displays” to turn on mirroring.  Your laptop screen should now match the projector display.

Why would I ever want to turn off display mirroring?

The extended desktop feature is useful so you can project one thing to your students, but you can still work on your computer without students seeing your screen.  For example, you could display a Keynote presentation in the projection window, while answering email on your laptop display.

To display something in the extended window, drag it off the right edge of your screen and it will appear on the projector display.

Laptop Screen

Projector Screen


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