All About iTunes Accounts

Tutorial Audience: Parents

For students in the POWER Zone’s iPad pilot program, creating an iTunes account is strongly recommended.  For our purposes, an iTunes account accomplishes two important things.

1. Allows for iCloud backup

An iTunes account allows students to use the iCloud service to store files in a cloud environment, not just on the device itself.  Cloud storage is important because the files and data are not lost if the device is damaged or lost.  Using iCloud, students can keep a backup of photos, videos, documents, calendar appointments, reminders and other useful data.  Also, if you have other Apple products at home, content is automatically synced on all devices using the same iTunes account.

Apple provides 5GB of free storage with every iTunes account and more can be purchased as needed.

To learn more about iCloud, visit Apple’s iCloud page.

2. Allows for the Find My iPad Feature

If the student has an iTunes account and enables the Find My iPad feature, you can easily locate the device if it is misplaced or stolen.  Find My iPad uses a very accurate location feature to pinpoint exactly where your iPad is on a map.  You can also set a passcode and lock your iPad remotely so no one else can gain access to your iPad while it is missing.

To learn more about this feature, visit Apple’s Find My iPad page.

How to Create An iTunes Account

We recommend you create an iTunes account with your child using an email account that you use at home.  It may be tied to your email account or to your child’s personal email account, whichever you are comfortable with.

Apple provides two methods for creating an iTunes Account.  We strongly recommend using the method to create an iTunes account without a credit card.  This way students are not able to purchase apps, music, videos or other content from Apple without your knowledge and supervision.

Please download and follow this tutorial to continue: Creating an iTunes Without a Credit Card


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