How To Use The Find My iPad Feature

Apple’s Find My iPad is a very useful feature that can locate your iPad (or MacBook or iPhone) on a map if it has been lost or stolen.  It can also send a command to remotely lock the device or even wipe all of the data if your device has fallen into the wrong hands.  But this feature is completely useless if you don’t enable it.  Read on to find out how it works.

Turn on Find My iPad and Find My MacBook on your devices.  Make sure you are using the same iCloud account on all of your devices.

1. On iPad, go to Settings > iCloud.  Turn on the Find My iPad switch.


2. On MacBook, go to Settings > iCloud.  Turn on the Find My MacBook switch.



If you have the feature enabled, you can locate your missing device on a map.

1. Go to and log into your iCloud account (must be the same account you have set up on your missing device!).

2. Click Find My iPhone (even if you’re trying to locate an iPad or MacBook).


3. Any enabled devices will appear on a map with a green dot that indicates their location.  You can click the devices button to pinpoint a specific device.


4. Other options can be used by clicking on a specific device from the Devices button.

  • To further pinpoint where your device is located you can send an alert sound by clicking the “Play Sound” button.  As long as your device has battery life it will play an alarm sound until it is located.
  • You can also set your device to “Lost Mode” which remotely locks the device so unauthorized users cannot access your data.
  • Finally, as a last resort, you can erase all data on your device.  This cannot be undone and is NEVER recommended unless you are certain your device is lost and it contains sensitive information.



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