How to Back Up Your Notability Notes to Google Drive

Protect yourself from data loss by setting up automatic backup to Google Drive inside of Notability. Follow these steps to take advantage of this amazing feature.

1. Open Notability and go to Settings

Tap the gear icon in the bottom left


2. Go to Manage Accounts and choose Log In next to Google Drive


3. Log into your Google Drive account with your D49 email and password


4. Tap Accept to allow communication between Notability and Google Drive


5. Tap Auto Backup and click on the blue gear next to Google Drive


6. Configure your Auto Backup options

Destination Folder: The folder inside of Google Drive where your notes will backup

File Format: The format your notes will be backed up. PDF notes are “flattened” and your annotations will be lost. We recommend changing this to Note format (see Step 7).

Back Up These Subjects: Choose certain subjects to back up based on your Dividers. (Why not choose them all?)


7. Change the File Format to Note


8. Verify the Backup is starting

Look for the spinning circle in the bottom left. You’ll also see this spinning every time you make a change in Notability from now on.


9. Check your Google Drive to see your notes are backed up

Find the Notability folder and you should see your notes inside.




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